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What the industry is saying about us.
Jens Bogren

“MIDAS Productions is a fantastic choice for great orchestrations with extremely realistic sample libraries. They are my first choice!„ 

Jens Bogren (record producer at Fascination Studios)

Mille Petrozza Kreator

“MIDAS Productions get things done! Very quick, efficient, professional. Creative ideas will be brought into life.
My first and only choice for musical arrangement beyond your imagination„ 

Mille Petrozza (singer and guitarist for Kreator)


“The professionalism has a new name today.
MIDAS Productions is what musicians need to make their efforts sound great! The perfect solution to join the professional music world is called MIDAS Productions„ 

Gee Anzalone (drummer for Dragonforce)

Marco Mastrobuono

“If you need someone that will fix your songwriting or arrangements, there is nothing better than MIDAS Productions„ 

Marco Mastrobuono (record producer at Kick Studio)

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